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Another round of amazing fics and art for your reading pleasure! We only ask that you review every piece that you see posted here! Reviews are the only thing keeping authors motivated! Show your love!


Golden Snitches (fic)

deirdre_aithne wrote Putting Two and One Together (Harry/Hermione/Draco, PG-13) Being so near to the two of them and unable to touch or speak to them was maddening.

RZZMG wrote Eros & Psyche (Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, NC-17) Draco Malfoy and his best Sytherin housemates challenge Harry Potter and his choice of five other Gryffindors to a game of Eros – the scandalous card game with strong magical influences on the players. Can the will and courage of a pride of lions overcome the cleverly seductive nest of serpents for the last time, before everyone graduates? It's House versus House, male versus female, pride versus desire, Eros versus Psyche! Turn the first card to find out who will win in this game of hearts and amour…

Rosalie'sRevenge wrote Trichophilia (Rose W. & Lorcan S, R) A murder defense in twelve exhibits. Oneshot. Character death, very OOC and with somewhat squicky implications. Loosely based on the story of Rapunzel.

Sugarplumjellygum wrote Lycanthropy Lily (Lily Luna Potter/Fenrir Greyback, R) Harry and Ginny are woken up to a horrifying sight in their daughters room.

Omnioculars (art)

~ michellemonique drew Death Eater (Death Eater, G)

ericahpfa drew Rose Weasley (Rose Weasley, G)

Stephie04 drew Harry Potter meets My Little Pony (Hermione, Harry, Ron, G)

Hoops (fandom news, discussions, activities)

grangerenchant has a new challenge up now… a fairy tale challenge!

Other Teams

hp_3forfun Has prompts up for grabs. Stories due Wed, April 6, 2011. Also, hp_3forfun is proud to announce their very first fest in the form of Threesome Big Bang! Everyone is welcome to join! All threesomes are welcome, any genre, pair, rating, kink… whatever your muse desires! Grab a banner and pimp! Tell everyone you know!

Don’t forget for those of you writing for hp_porninthesun that all stories are due in May!

Feel Free to comment here if you like a particular fic/drawing, but always remember to leave feedback for the author too. It's always welcome and it's the way we pay for our entertainment!

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