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The Golden Seeker Rec Letter

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My apologies for this being a day late. It's been nuts here at my home.
This week (when I've had the chance) I've been perusing through hp_kinkfest and found a few I think (hope) you all will like.

Golden Snitches (fic)

roses_at_sunset wrote Walk Away for silvernatasha on wizard_love (Lavender/Dean, R, Complete) Warning: Character Death. Summary: Lavender walks away time after time, and Dean is always there, but everyone has their limits in the end.

flaminia_x wrote Inscribed on your Heart for rillalicious on wizard_love (Lee/Angelina, R, Complete) Warnings: Semi-public sex, a bit of a pain kink Summary: Lee takes Angelina to get a new tattoo.

bloodstorm wrote The Amazing Seduction of Ginny Weasly for perpetualmarble on hp_kinkfest (Hermione/Ginny, NC17, Complete) Kink: initiation of sex when the other person is sleeping Summary: Hermione has a crush on Ginny, but how will she make Ginny hers?

The Play Book (W.I.P.)

cabepfir is writing A Summer in York (Hermione/Severus, M, WIP)
Chapter 8 posted. Summary: The war left deep traces on Hermione, as well as on Severus. How will they adjust to their new conditions, ten years after that traumatic experience? A story on the Muggle side. Post DH, EWE
*Mod Note: I'll admit to a bit of bias here since I'm one of the betas for this story.*

Omnioculars (art)

ultrasonicbop drew Easily Convinced (Ginny/Lucius, R,) on hp_kinkfest

katyromance drew Teddy and Victoire (Teddy/Victoire, G) on deviantart.

parv89 drew Breakfast at Patil's (Parvati/Padma, G) on deviantart.

Other Teams

femmefest is calling out for Pinch Hitters.

hp_humpdrabbles announces Humpfest 2011 is open for sign-ups.

Feel Free to comment here if you like a particular fic/drawing, but always remember to leave feedback for the author too. It's always welcome and it's the way we pay for our entertainment!

The Golden Seeker

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