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The Golden Seeker Rec Letter

Apologies for there not being a post last week. solas_divided has been experiencing trouble with her net connection (and a MIL who has taken over her computer).

As this weekend is Easter---Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

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Golden Snitches (fic)

Nema Rasa wrote Night Flight (McGonagall/Hooch, R, Complete) Summary: "Minerva McGonagall was a woman who knew her own weaknesses, and Xiomara Hooch looked set to play merry hell with all of them." Set many years before Philosopher's Stone. Femslash.

kellychambliss wrote Down To Earth (McGonagall/Hooch, PG13, Complete) Warnings: Infidelity Summary: Rolanda has affairs with other women. And Minerva knows it. A/N: This story was my entry in dysfuncentine, an anti-Valentine's Day fest. My thanks, as always, to my best beta and hand-holder, therealsnape.

miss_morland wrote Rosa Salutaris for perpetualmarble (Luna/Snape, Adult, Complete) Warning: Dubious Herbology, Snape-y sarcasm, canonical age disparity (38/17), AU in that Snape survived the snakebite. Summary: Survival is the first step toward living.

The Play Book (W.I.P.)

cabepfir is writing A Summer in York (Hermione/Severus, M, WIP)
Chapter 11 posted. Summary: The war left deep traces on Hermione, as well as on Severus. How will they adjust to their new conditions, ten years after that traumatic experience? A story on the Muggle side. Post DH, EWE

Omnioculars (art)

la_dissonance drew Hold Me Closer (Rose/Lily Jr, NSFW)

xMasterxYodax900x drew Hogwarts Sleepover (Hooch, McGonagall, Sprout, G)

MirrorCradle drew Lily and Severus (Lily/Severus, G)

Other Teams

hp_3forfun is hosting the Threesome Big Bang! All info can be found HERE.

hp_aprilfools is posting here on Insanejournal.

hp_beholder is also posting on Insanejournal.

Feel Free to comment here if you like a particular fic/drawing, but always remember to leave feedback for the author too. It's always welcome and it's the way we pay for our entertainment!

The Golden Seeker
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