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If you like the RecLetter you should pimp it to your friends...
Pimping (when legal and not involving prostitutes) is always good!

Golden Snitches (fic)

???? wrote Big Girls Don't Cry for psyfic on hp_beholder. (Charlie Weasley/Millicent Bullstrode, NC17, Complete) Warnings: forced bondage, hurt/comfort, verbal humiliation by OCs, frottage, hand-jobs* Summary: When Millicent Bulstrode was found guilty of colluding with known Death Eaters, she was forced to endure two years of indentured servitude at the Romanian Dragon Reserve waiting hand and foot on Charlie Weasley. It doesn't get more draconian than that.

???? wrote (Im)proper Conduct for alwaysasnapefan on hp_beholder. (Pomona Spout/Irma Pince, PG-13, Complete) Summary: It is the scent of her that clings to the air: warm, and earthy; dirt and skin and the faintest sheen of prickling sweat that draws Irma back to life on this night, in this moment.

The Play Book (W.I.P.)

sharkeygirl is writing Kiss From a Rose on (Hermione/Severus, T, WIP-Ch.136 now posted) Summary: Severus wanted money. Hermione wanted a name. What happens when a Snatcher most believed to be dead returns and threatens everything?

Omnioculars (art)

casie drew Hannah Abbott on DeviantArt. (Hannah Abbott, G)

LunaLouise drew Tonks on DeviantArt. (Tonks, G)

Alicia Chan drew Remus + Tonks on DeviantArt. (Remus,Tonks, baby Teddy, G)

Hoops (fandom news, discussions, activities)

hpresurrections---Those whom JK Rowling has killed off, let us bring back to life. Resurrection is canon in this fandom; why should Harry be the only one who manages it?

daily_snitch has posted a special Hannah Abbot Edition.

discusshpfic Harry Potter fanfiction discussion

Other Teams

Female_fest is open for prompts.

pphpficexchange sign-ups open until May 16th.

Threesome Big Bang prompting is open here on hp_3forfun.

Feel Free to comment here if you like a particular fic/drawing, but always remember to leave feedback for the author too. It's always welcome and it's the way we pay for our entertainment!

The Golden Seeker
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