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The Golden Seeker Rec Letter

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Let those who are off on RL exotic holidays enjoy their prematurely-aging sunshine and their gippy tummy or delhi belly; we’ll take a gentle, well-catered cruise along the more exotic places of fandom: The Fanficsy Island Tour. I’m Therealsnape, and I’m your purser on this journey.

Come Aboard, we’re expecting you, and “come aboard” is a literal quote, not the dreadful pun those of you too young to remember The Love Boat thought it was.

Golden Snitches (fic)

First of all, have a Welcome Cocktail. We might have called it Screaming Laughter but that gets too close to those ghastly RL cocktails one finds in too-touristy places. So we’ll give it its proper name: The Office of OTP’s by Anonymous. In which Cho gets a job and a proposal of marriage, with a dash of great one-liners, a double shot of marvellous meta-crack, and a Snape-song by way of maraschino cherry. All in 2180 words.

Our first sight-seeing stop is Auntie Muriel’s Guide to a Romantic Intervention by fienabler. You’ll see brilliant banter, a perfectly in-character Ginny, and a suave Draco with a strong sense of humour, set against a background of spectacularly kick-ass Auntie Muriel.

For our evening entertainment, we have something very special (strictly for adults): Dinner and a Show by purplefluffycat. Starring Minerva, Severus, and Albus. And they’ll give you a show you’ll never forget.

On the second day of our Fanficsy Islands tour, we’ll throw out the anchor at Godric’s Hollow. tetleythesecond wrote The Ladies of Godric’s Hollow. Starring Griselda Marchbanks and Bathilda Bagshot, with Albus/Gellert in the background. It’s one of the very best I’ve seen this year. An absolute must-read.

And when you get back on board, Afternoon Tea will be ready on the Star Deck, for Fair Is Fair and Life Is Not (Though Tea Helps an Awful Lot) by anguis_1. I’ll give you the summary: Although their students might sometimes be oblivious to it, teachers have lives, too. Fertilized with dung and watered with tea, Filius Flitwick and Pomona Sprout cultivate a love slowly bubbling along behind the scenes.

Our Day Three highlight is Crazy in Love by the appropriately-named ratherbsailing. A Luna/Hermione story told from Hermione’s POV. Great characterisations, with background Hermione/Ron. But it’s the utter honesty of Hermione’s POV, and the terrific Luna that sold me to this story.

When you’re back on board, the undisputed Captain of Fanficsy Travels, kellychambliss, invites you all to a special last-evening drink: Friday Night at the Three Broomsticks. Have a 25-year-old Ogden, or a Gillywater if you prefer that, in the company of Rosmerta, Minerva, and a Molly who will surprise you with some of her remarks. As the evening progresses, Rosmerta’s memories will make you long for a nice, cooling sea-breeze. I mean, the desk! And the quill!! And the lesson!!! Why wasn’t that on the curriculum when we were at Hogwarts?

Omnioculars (art)

Our selection of charming postcards from some of the lovely places you've visited:
Bathilda Bagshot by RavenclawRadiance at Deviantart.

Unspoken by sigune. One of her trademark brilliant Severus/Minerva drawings. Those of you who have attended our Dinner and a Show will understand why we have chosen this slightly more sedate image - postcards, after all, might get into the hands of children.

Oh Argus by jin_fenghuang. Note the exquisite books, the glasses and hairpins, and the almost invisible Argus and Mrs Norris – the stuff that Irma Pince’s daydream is made off. Definitely NWS

Hoops (fandom news, discussions, activities)
Thank you all for choosing HMS Fanficsy Travels! We hope you’ll consider us for your future holiday arrangements.

Those of you who want to sign up for another fun journey, samhain_smut opens prompt-claiming today, and there’s plenty of great prompts, no matter who your favourite Potter lady is.

Feel Free to comment here if you like a particular fic/drawing, but always remember to leave feedback for the author too. It's always welcome and it's the way we pay for our entertainment!

The Golden Seeker

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    If you like the RecLetter you should pimp it to your friends... Pimping (when legal and not involving prostitutes) is always good! I'm…


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    If you like the RecLetter you should pimp it to your friends... Pimping (when legal and not involving prostitutes) is always good! Golden…

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