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Golden Snitches (fic)

??? wrote All Good Things Are Three for aleysiasnape  on hp_spring_fling
(Severus Snape/Hermione Granger/Lucius Malfoy, NC-17, Complete) Warnings: Fluff, threesome, lemon
Summary: When Severus’ beloved falls ill with a strange illness, he seeks advice from his best friend.

??? wrote The Scottish Kilt for deirdre_aithne  on hp_spring_fling
(Severus Snape/Hermione Granger/ Lucius Malfoy, NC-17, Complete) Warnings: AU, fluff, romance, bdsm, PWP Summary: Hermione buys two Scottish Kilts: the Macdonald and Kerr Tartan for her husbands to wear to the Scottish Highlands.

camnz wrote the story Unbidden:
(Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger, Rated M, Complete) Warnings: Time Travel fic, ignores Dumbledore's death.
Summary: Lucius Malfoy had the perfect life until she came with her ready smiles and stomach churning friendliness,and destroyed everything.

??? wrote  http://Astoria's Experimental Potion  for slumber  at hp_spring_fling 
(Astoria Greengrass/Draco Malfoy, PG-13, Complete) Warnings: None Summary: Even though Draco ignores her warnings, a reluctant Astoria tries to give him what he wants.

 ??? wrote  A Muggleborn in France for [info]cinnamonselkie at  hp_spring_fling   (Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, PG, Complete) Warnings: None Summary:  Hermione takes time to rediscover herself. Her friends are less than pleased.

The Play Book (W.I.P.)

laurielover1912 is writing
(Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger/Captain Hook, Rated: M, Chpt 8 is now posted)Summary:Already struggling with her feelings for Lucius Malfoy, a breakthrough in her magic brings to life a man who forces Hermione to re-appraise her life, her needs and her desires.

Omnioculars (art) 

  jasna_nejna  drew  Title: Wizarding Aristocracy  for the luciusbigbang.  (Narcissa Malfoy/Lucius Malfoy, G)

catbirdfish drew Skeleton in the Cupboard for snapesgirl on at hp_beholder
(Abraxas Malfoy, Walburga Black, PG)

LuciferaCat drew  Severus and Hermione at

Hoops (fandom news, discussions, activities)

Grangerenchant has a new challenge up now… An Inheritance of Magic Challenge

Feel Free to comment here if you like a particular fic/drawing, but always remember to leave feedback for the author too. It's always welcome and it's the way we pay for our entertainment!


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