March 12th, 2011

The Golden Seeker Rec Letter

Lots of loves go to valady and kitty_fic for their help this round! You ladies are awesome! I don’t know what I’d do without you! *hugs*

Enjoy and remember to review every story and art piece you read! Reviews are loves!

Golden Snitches (fic)

kitty_fic wrote Our Little Secret (Harry/Hermione/Draco, PG-13) No one could have predicted the shocking turn of events that happened when Harry drank the spiked punch at the Ministry party.

charma_10 wrote On Fire (Seamus Finnigan/Parvati Patil, implied Dean/Lavender, Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny, NC-17) He loved how her eyes fired up when she was irritated at him, and the way her eyebrows furrowed and her chest heaved when she was telling him off. He finally understood why Ron and Hermione fought so much, but unlike them, there probably wasn't going to be a happy ending.

tania_sings wrote Love (A Collection) (Katie/Alicia, Katie/Dean, Katie/Kingsley, Katie/George, Katie/Teddy, mentions of George/others, R) There are as many different ways to love as there are people in the world.

meiri_fics wrote A Bride's Revenge (Draco/Astoria, R) Astoria learns some unpleasant things on her wedding day and, with Draco's help, exacts sweet revenge on her wedding night.

Omnioculars (art)

~Imaginny drew Hermione Granger (Hermione Granger, G)

drew Double Wedding (Weasley Family Tree, G)

thilia drew Minerva and Tom(Scorpius/Pansy, R)

Hoops (fandom news, discussions, activities)

New prompts posted over at hp_3forfun! Stories due March 14th. Writers, readers, reviewers and voters needed!

hp_smutday wants to remind everyone that they need new stories every Monday!

Other Teams

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The Golden Seeker