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Viktor Krum

Today's bonus edition is all about Viktor Krum. Judging by the size of this issue I believe that we like Mr. Krum or maybe it is just Quidditch players in general that are popular.

Here is a list of most of the stories featuring Viktor that have been rec'ed on The Golden Seeker. As always some of the links are old and I did not take the time to check all of them.

Golden Snitches (fics)
slytherin_gypsy wrote Right Here Waiting (Hermione/Viktor, PG-13, one-shot)
bethalaina wrote Sleepless Nights (Hermione/Viktor, PG-13, one-shot)
inell wrote Summer in Bulgaria (Hermione/Viktor, R)
inell wrote The Lesson (Hermione/Viktor, NC-17)
inell wrote Too Hot To Sleep (Hermione/Viktor, NC-17)
inell wrote Conversation on a Broom (Hermione/Viktor, PG)
inell wrote Possibilities (Hermione/Viktor, all ages, one shot)
andrian1 wrote Understanding (Viktor/Hermione, NC-17)
bambu345 wrote The Three R's (Hermione/Viktor, Adult)
Chapter One: Reflect
Chapter Two: Repent
Chapter Three: Rejoice
bethalaina wrote Serendipity (Hermione/Viktor, M - long and complete)
bethalaina wrote One Night Love Affair (Hermione/Viktor, NC17, DH Compliant)
bethalaina wrote Stay (Hermione/Viktor, R, Adultery, one-shot)
bethalaina wrote Ladies and Gentlemen (Hermione/Viktor, NC17 - oneshot)
bethalaina wrote Fun and Games (Hermione/Viktor PG-13 one-shot)
celandineb wrote Three-Quarter Time (Ginny/Hermione, Hermione/Viktor, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ron, Harry/Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny/Hermione, R -oneshot)
closetravenclaw wrote C'est la Vie en Rose (Gabrielle/Viktor, G - One shot)
katieay wrote Seeking a Bookworm (Hermione/Viktor, PG-13)
ladykes wrote Next Time (Hermione/Viktor NC-17, One-Shot)
ladysaille wrote Ink and Paper (Hermione/Viktor, R)
ladysaille wrote Fire Bird (Hermione/Viktor, WIP, PG)
our_innocence wrote Sandalwood (Hermione/Viktor, G)
thimble_kiss wrote Tiger By The Tail (Hermione/Viktor, NC17 - complete 2 parts)
thimble_kiss wrote Practical Magic (Hermione/Viktor, NC-17, warnings: Underage sexuality -- Hermione is fifteen, Viktor eighteen.)
thimble_kiss wrote Big Cloud, Little Rain (Hermione/Viktor, PG-13)
thimble_kiss wrote More than Kisses (ViKtor/Hermione, NC-17)
thimble_kiss wrote Winterwhere (Viktor/Hermione, PG13 - one shot)
sare_liz wrote Passing Notes, chapters:
4 (Hermione/Viktor, PG-13) &
First Kiss (Hermione/Viktor, R)
seaislewitch wrote Fantasy Seeker (Hermione/Viktor NC17
somigliana wrote The Scarlet Letter (Hermione/Viktor, PG-13, one-shot)
staciey wrote Like Air (Hermione/Viktor, NC-17)
staciey wrote The Egg and I (Hermione/Viktor, one-shot, G)
staciey wrote The Diary of Crookshanks (Hermione/Viktor, Crookshanks, one-shot, G)
staciey wrote Past Present (Hermione/Viktor, PG-13, epic)
staciey wrote Altared States (Hermione/Viktor, R, short-story)
humbuggirl wrote A Friendly Family Game (Ginny/Viktor, PG, one-shot)
humbuggirl wrote Friends in High Places (Ginny/Viktor, PG, one-shot)
humbuggirl wrote The Harpy and the Vulture (Ginny/Viktor. PG-13 one-shot.)
gelsey wrote Knowing How it Feels (Viktor/Fleur, PG13 - oneshot ficlet)

Feel Free to comment here if you like a particular fic/drawing, but always remember to leave feedback for the author too. It's always welcome and it's the way we pay for our entertainment! ;)

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