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The Golden Seeker

Where the ladies of Harry Potter get to play

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The Golden Seeker is a rec community for the Harry Potter fandom, promoting the ladies of Harry Potter.

NOTE: This community has closed membership - only maintainers can be members. Feel free to friend the community, however; we love our watchers dearly!


So why another newsletter? Aren't there enough already?

Well first of all, this isn't just another newsletter - mainly because not everything we rec is new. There are plenty of good, high-quality fics and art out there, which have been forgotten because they were posted too long ago, and we happen to think that is a shame. A fic or artwork doesn't stop being good just because it's more than two days old. In fact, any really good story or piece of art will still be worth reading or watching weeks, months, or even years after it was posted. This is where those treasures comes back to life and get a second chance to shine.

What kind of stuff do you rec?

We try to rec a variety of fics and art, including:
+ het
+ genfics and art
+ femmeslash

We also rec other livejournal communities and bring you snippets of news.

But how can you say that you only rec quality? Isn't that a subject of interpretation and personal liking?

Of course it is. Which is why we have a team of several people doing this, each with our own individual tastes. We also think that we are good enough at judging quality, that we can disregard such a thing as not liking the characters or the pairing in a fic. Good use of language and structure, a well thought out plot - there are many things that distinguish a good fic. We will pay attention to them all, and we are always looking for good scouts who have different preferences than we have, to make sure as many fics get read as possible.

I sent you a link to my latest story, but it isn't recced - why?

Thank you for sending us the link - we love to get tips on new fics. However, you have to be patient. As we said, we are not here to rec only new fics, we rec good fics, and it takes time to read through them all. Provided that your fic is good enough, it will be recced eventually, but you will have to be prepared for the fact that it might take a while, depending on how many we have lying around waiting to be recced.

I saw one of the moderators' fics on the reclist - isn't that unfair?

No, we don't think so. We are writers as well as maintainers, and like most writers we like what we write and squee when it gets recced anywhere. It is, however, never up to a moderator to rec his or her own fic, that is up to the other moderators, and is never discussed with the writer beforehand. That way if a moderator gets his or her fic/art recced, it is only because the other moderators thought it was good enough to rec. There is no guarantee for us to get our fics recced - just like there is no guarantee for anyone else. The fact that you've been recced once doesn't guarantee that you will be in the future.

Where do you look for fics/art?

Everywhere we can think of. Through our watcher journal snitchcatcher, we watch communities, newsletters, reclists, favorite artists' or writers' journals. We also read and watch anything we get through our email or in comments. All in all, we try to stay as alert as we can.

I hope you stay for the ride, send us many links, and read many fics. And don't forget - give the authors/artists your opinion when you're done. Everyone likes a review.




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